Sustainable Tourism & ESGs

83% of travelers believe that sustainable travel is important worldwide. With borders opening up, come join us to learn how you can communicate sustainability within your business.  Environmental, social and governance (ESGs) have become mainstream and are being adopted by businesses. In this webinar, we will explore international companies and local companies that have built sustainability and social practices into their business models and how they are helping those businesses compete and perform better. We will also show you how you can track, manage and determine the value of the sustainable and social impact your company is creating. 


Here is a link with information on ESG reporting in the travel industry. 

Topics covered: 

  • What are ESGs and how is it valuable for my business? 
  • International and local company examples of ESG alignment. 
  • Overview of how businesses can track, manage and measure the value being created. 


Associated concepts discussed: 

  • Impact model mapping 
  • Data collection and management 
  • Impact measurement 
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