The Canadian Impact Investing Landscape With CAFIID members, Lindsay Wallace and Susanne Courtney

The Canada Forum for Impact Investment and Development, representing Canada’s impact investors in emerging and frontier markets, developed the first landscape report. In this episode, we discuss the findings of that report, ESG investment performance during Covid-19, how impact investors are rebuilding and the need for Canadian impact investment in emerging frontier markets.

Link to Report:

“The days where people thought you needed to trade in a financial, for an environmental or social for a return, those days are over.” Lindsay Wallace

“The pandemic has created an urgent need in concessionary capital… also called blended finance. Canada is not playing in this space.. YET we know It encourages more investors to come in. We need to get more capital into impact investments for the federal government to move on blended finance, and to see the big financial institutions and pension funds to focus on impact investing. Canada must also tackle some of the regulatory barriers that prevent retail investors from tapping into impact investing funds too.” Susanne Courtney 

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