Social Value UK on How to Use Social Value to Maximize Performance

In this episode we speak with Tim Goodspeed, Social Value Consultant and Training Manager with More Than Outputs and Social Value UK about the use of social value (quantifying impact), and how it can be used for funders, investors, as well as how it must be used for organizations and companies to maximize their performance and impact to end benefactors or stakeholders alike. We will discuss how these objectives can at times be conflicting and how to deliver upon both.

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“As soon as you raise value, it begs the question, value to who. Different audiences have different value judgments. Why are they good and who says they are good and good to who? Is this about influencing an external audience to prove we are good, to prove we have done good or is this about good enough data for innovation and improvement and doing more good. You can prove to someone else that you are doing good without having any intention of making changes to your delivery to do more good.” Tim Goodspeed of More Than Outputs and Social Value UK 

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