Saint John Learning Exchange on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

In this episode, Christina Fowler, Executive Director, talks about the impact of the Saint John Learning Exchange at a system and individual level. Christina shares with us how learning, knowledge, and the accreditation that comes with that the Saint John Learning Exchange is able to lift people out of poverty.

“We’ve been able to proudly say, after the five year study that, for every dollar spent in The Learning Exchange, there’s an $8 return to our funders. It’s a very unique opportunity to be able to quantify socially, because we know and we feel it in our hearts every day with the learners and we see it and we have so many good news stories, but we’re also actually able to say to the taxpayers of New Brunswick, your money is well spent in this wraparound organization, and the impact is felt not only with our learners but it’s felt throughout the generations.” Christina Fowler, Executive Director of The Saint John Learning Exchange


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