Hit your targets, without the confusion.

Track and collect data across the standards and frameworks that will make your team a success. Map out each detail all in one place.

SROI calculator

Riddl’s SROI calculator helps you attribute a dollar amount to the value of the impact created by your company, which can be issued alongside financial statements. Use it to prove extra value for attracting grants and other investment, monitor costs associated with risks and liabilities, and compare and assess cross-program effectiveness.


Your Riddl data is organized into workspaces. With the flexibility of workspaces, you can choose how to organize data as you go along. Think of the main Workspace as your homepage, where all menu options and your activity feed appear.

Shared Workspace

You can choose to keep your Workspace private, however, if you’re working on a team, chances are you’ll want to use a shared Workspace with team members. Here you can add notes and collaborate with teammates to share updates and progress reports in real-time.

Dashboards and Reports

Say goodbye to lengthy spreadsheets and confusing email chains. By entering impact data as your project proceeds, you can easily generate automated dashboards and reports at the touch of a button to prove the value of your work. Never be caught off-guard again.

Shared Indicators

Each activity that your team undertakes has shared indicators that you will use to track progress toward your targets. You can work together to set these targets and RIDDL will show you how close you are to upcoming milestones.

Customizable - ability to track any framework or report (ESGs)

ESG data is becoming increasingly important to funders and shareholders. Our workspace allows you to track any ESG framework or report and customize the results based on your needs.

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