The Canadian Impact Investing Landscape With CAFIID members, Lindsay Wallace and Susanne Courtney

The Canada Forum for Impact Investment and Development, representing Canada’s impact investors in emerging and frontier markets, developed the first landscape report. In this episode we discuss the findings of that report, ESG investment performance during Covid-19, how impact investors are rebuilding and the need for Canadian impact investment in emerging frontier markets. Link to

London Early Years Foundation on Developing a Pedagogy for Impact

In this episode June O’Sullivan, the CEO of London Early Years Foundation talks about how she reformed from being a charity many years ago into a social business to deliver specific impact. We discuss the seven elements of the LEYF pedagogy that really addresses the rights of children and how June measures it with the

Common Good Solutions on Building Transformational Relationships for Long Term Change

In this episode, David Upton, CEO of Common Good Solutions talks about how they are transforming the way business is done. From helping people globally with their Social Enterprise Institute to local initiatives such as Ability Wood Co-op, a furniture building company creating revenue in the community and meaning for the employees. We dive into

Community Forests International on People and Trees as a Restorative Force

In this episode Daimen Hardie, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Community Forest International talks about the mission to provide the right tools for people to become a restorative force. Through the lens of forestry and climate change we get a glimpse into their life changing outcomes globally, specifically in Tanzania and Canada. 78% of the

Conservation at Scale with NatureVest

In this episode Eric Cooperström, Senior Director, Asset Management at NatureVest part of The Nature Conservancy, discusses NatureVest’s shared conservation agenda to drive conservation at scale and plans to make it repeatable. Learn more about how NatureVest operates within The Nature Conservancy, the impact of the Cumberland Forest LP and what 2020 looks like for

Ability New Brunswick on Partnering with Government

In this episode, Haley Flaro, Executive Director of Ability New Brunswick shares with us how they have become Canadian leaders within the disability sector and the value of forging strong partnerships with government. We’ve been able to extend our collective impact in reaching people with a disability. The first year of the agreement, back then

Electrifying Sub Saharan Africa with Sustainable Energy

In this episode Jeff Schnurr talks to us about Jaza Energy’s mission to deliver sustainable energy and their plan to electrify 600 million people living without electricity in sub Saharan Africa. All while prioritizing female employment, having employed over 150 women to date. We’ve displaced around 450 tons of CO2 emissions just because people are

Sarona Asset Management on Global Investing and Scaled Impact

In this episode Serge LeVert-Chiasson of Sarona Asset Management shares with us the origin of Sarona, their theory of change and the measurements they use. We dive into why Sarona is seeing broad improvement in the impact of the companies they invest in globally from Vietnam to Sierra Leone. Through our 22 IRIS compliant metrics,

Saint John Learning Exchange on Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

In this episode Christina Fowler, Executive Director, talks about the impact of the Saint John Learning Exchange at a systems and individual  level. Christina shares with us how learning, knowledge and the accreditation that comes with that the Saint John Learning Exchange is able to lift people out of poverty.  We’ve been able to proudly

The Social Entrepreneurs’ Fund on The Value of Small Data in Fund Evaluation

The Social Entrepreneurs’ Fund invests in software and services designed to help low income communities and organizations that serve them. In this episode Liz Luckett, Managing Partner, expands on the way we can use small data to evaluate investment opportunities, the risks of algorithms in large data and how organizations within the fund are already

VanCity Community Investment Bank on Understanding Community-First Financing Models

Vancity Community Investment Bank (VCIB), born from Vancity’s community-first finance model, is a values-driven bank on a mission to finance a sustainable tomorrow. In this episode we learn more about how VCIB is creating lasting change in communities though financing for social purpose real estate, their acquisition of CoPower and simplifying investing for the future. Last year in

Marigold Capital on Gender Lens Investing and Driving Collective Impact

Marigold Capital is an Impact Investment Strategy & Execution Firm based in Toronto, with a focus on gender, diversity and inclusion investments. In this episode Jonathan Hera, Managing Partner, highlights gender lens investing, using a unique approach of investing in a cluster of companies to drive collective impact. Investing in solving for underlying problems, market

Six Bridges Capital on Alternative Financing in Impact Investing

We talk with Michael Nobes, Founder of Six Bridges Capital, in New York. Six Bridges is an industry agnostic investment firm. From medtech in Africa to diversion of waste to landfills in the US.They work with various types of investments at various stages. In this episode we learn about alternative financing, advice he would give

Rally Asset Management on Doubling Down on Impact Investments to Drive Change

Rally Assets, an independent, full-service, Toronto based firm discusses their transition from an impact investment consulting firm to a registered impact portfolio manager and advisory firm using capital as a tool for social and environmental progress. In this episode Kelly Gauthier, Managing Director & Partner, explains how they are using capital for impact and doubling-down

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