London Early Years Foundation on Developing a Pedagogy for Impact

In this episode, June O’Sullivan, the CEO of London Early Years Foundation talks about how she reformed from being a charity many years ago into a social business to deliver specific impact. We discuss the seven elements of the LEYF pedagogy that really addresses the rights of children and how June measures it with the Leaf Pedagogical Development Scales (LPDS) she uses to evaluate success.

“We found there were two main levers that made the difference to a child from starting from a more disadvantaged perspective to a child from a more comfortable professional home. We built the whole pedagogy and as the curriculum.This either means the what we would teach to extend language to ensure that whatever we did, language would be at the heart of it and that all of the other subjects, whether it was math or music or creativity or any of those things were actually filtered through the extension of language. That was really significant for us and that’s often described as our cultural capital.” June O’Sullivan, CEO, Lodon Early Years Foundation

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