Goals & Activities

Want to get rid of all the time you spend on quarterly or annual reports? Track your data quickly in real time by identifying goals you want to achieve with associated activities.


Spending time at the end of each year trying to sort how to communicate your impact to funders? See your impact at a glance anytime viewable by indicators.

Progress Update

Keep a single source of information for your indicators. Replace multiple emails, spreadsheets and documents with a space where everyone in your workplace can collaborate.


Tired of manually entering data into yet another spreadsheet. With this powerful yet easy-to-use analytics and reporting feature see what is important to you.

Shareable Dashboard reports

No need to spend time creating graphs in yet another spreadsheet. Share important information with funders and stakeholders with the click of a button.

Home feed

tired of looking through emails to find out what your team or investment has been doing for the last month. Set up a customized home feed to see what matters when you login to your workspace.

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