ESG Tree on the Role of Private Capital Markets in Impact Investing, and Socially Responsible Investing

In this episode, we will be exploring the role of private capital investors i.e. private equity and venture capital, in impact investing, and socially responsible investing. There continues to be growing demand by investors for impact options. There is an overwhelming amount of data and research that shows real interest, impact performance, and financial returns. While at the same time, managers, advisors, and institutions are trying to deploy new products and services to respond to the emerging interest. We will explore today, why it makes sense for private equity firms to take action on delivering ESG and impact investment options.

“Private capital markets have been largely under the radar (regarding ESG) because they are private. From an ESG perspective, this is very interesting because they represent $5T. Now that the business case for ESG has become more clear, private investors now want to engage in ESG because it’s good business, not because they are being forced.” Majid Mirza CEO of ESG Tree

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