Common Good Solutions on Building Transformational Relationships for Long Term Change

In this episode, David Upton, CEO of Common Good Solutions talks about how they are transforming the way business is done. From helping people globally with their Social Enterprise Institute to local initiatives such as Ability Wood Co-op, a furniture building company creating revenue in the community and meaning for the employees. We dive into their plan to have African Nova Scotian youth employed at the same percentage as all other youth in the province.

“One North End Community Development Corporation, which is a non-profit, is now getting set to launch a really significant project that will absolutely, level the playing field, so that African Nova Scotian youth are employed at exactly the same percentage as all other youth in the province. Right now, they’re unemployed at almost double the same percentage as everyone else. We’ve been working on that project for off and on, for three years, resourcing it to the point where it’s now going to be launching some of their first businesses. They’re going to be creating partnerships with corporations from across the province to actively engage in creating 561 opportunities for young black men and women in Nova Scotia.” Daivd Upton, CEO of Common Good Solutions

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