RIDDL | SDR Position Description

RIDDL makes software for companies working to change the world for the better. We believe in a future in which you can generate wealth and positive impact. Organizations working on the front lines need tools to measure their impact and better ways to communicate with funders about impact. Investors and funders want to understand how much impact their money is having. That’s where RIDDL comes in. We’re a smart, driven team of people who are genuinely passionate about our mission.

How we roll:

We’re optimistic.
We’re results oriented.
We roll up our sleeves and get things done.
We lean into new challenges and work outside our comfort zones.

We know what it’s like looking at a job description and trying to determine if you hit enough bullet points to bother applying. We don’t expect you to hit every point. And we don’t expect you to have twelve years of experience with outdated sales tools and processes. 

We do expect you to be willing to work hard to close the gap between your experience and the tools and processes we use. Here are some of the other things we’re looking for in this role:

Primary Responsibilities

– Set quarterly and annual sales targets with the founders and review monthly. 
Deliver upon set targets. 
– Prospecting via research on prospective customers for target verticals and creating lead lists. 
– Test various scripts, subject lines, and templates with the intention of increasing the response rates. 
– Outbound cold emails, calling and via social networks.
– Qualify sales leads via correspondence, education about the product, speak intelligently to the benefits of the product. 
– Schedule sales calls and demos with the founders with qualified prospects. 
– Work alongside the founders on demos and sales calls. Support the sales with follow-ups and required support materials. 


– Woman, under the age of 30.
– Canadian resident living in Canada. 
– Post-secondary education graduate 
– 2+ years of digital product sales experience. 
– 1+ years in marketing or supporting marketing role.
– Substantial experience in outbound sales.
– Strong written and verbal communication skills.
– Experience working in CRMs, sales pipeline softwares and e-marketing tools.
– Experience selling globally.
– Demonstrated ability to collaborate with a distributed sales team while also being able to work remotely and independently.  
– Capability of understanding customer pain points, requirements and correlating potential business to value.
– Promotes a strong sense of urgency for reaching goals and key deliverables. Acts without being told what to do. Brings new ideas to the company. 

If you hit some of these extras, we’re going to be even more excited:

– You’ve sold multi-tenant software-as-a-service products
– You’ve contributed to content marketing such as blogs and podcasts 
– You enjoy making friends on Twitter or LinkedIn and having full conversations.
– You’ve created your own drip campaigns or webinar series
– You have spearheaded public relations, speaking engagements and exposure for your company. 
– You have executed a digital marketing strategy. 

Salary: $45K+ based on qualifications and performance.

Working at RIDDL

RIDDL is a startup. We’re agile, we’re outcome focused, and we have a lot to get done. We aren’t sticklers about sitting at a desk from 9-5. We’re cool with flexible schedules as long as you a) hit your commitments and b) show up for scheduled events.

We aren’t into “startup theatre” so don’t expect ping pong tables and napping pods. Instead, we will give you a good laptop with accessories, meaningful work, and great coworkers.

How to apply
Please email your resume to careers@riddl.ca