Common Good Solutions on Building Transformational Relationships for Long Term Change

In this episode, David Upton, CEO of Common Good Solutions talks about how they are transforming the way business is done. From helping people globally with their Social Enterprise Institute to local initiatives such as Ability Wood Co-op, a furniture building company creating revenue in the community and meaning for the employees. We dive into

Community Forests International on People and Trees as a Restorative Force

In this episode Daimen Hardie, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Community Forest International talks about the mission to provide the right tools for people to become a restorative force. Through the lens of forestry and climate change we get a glimpse into their life changing outcomes globally, specifically in Tanzania and Canada. 78% of the

Conservation at Scale with NatureVest

In this episode Eric Cooperstr√∂m, Senior Director, Asset Management at NatureVest part of The Nature Conservancy, discusses NatureVest’s shared conservation agenda to drive conservation at scale and plans to make it repeatable. Learn more about how NatureVest operates within The Nature Conservancy, the impact of the Cumberland Forest LP and what 2020 looks like for

Ability New Brunswick on Partnering with Government

In this episode, Haley Flaro, Executive Director of Ability New Brunswick shares with us how they have become Canadian leaders within the disability sector and the value of forging strong partnerships with government. We’ve been able to extend our collective impact in reaching people with a disability. The first year of the agreement, back then

Electrifying Sub Saharan Africa with Sustainable Energy

In this episode Jeff Schnurr talks to us about Jaza Energy’s mission to deliver sustainable energy and their plan to electrify 600 million people living without electricity in sub Saharan Africa. All while prioritizing female employment, having employed over 150 women to date. We’ve displaced around 450 tons of CO2 emissions just because people are

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